Friday, June 26, 2009


*image from CNN website.

OK fine at first i thought its another sick publicity stunt or joke so like most people i turn to either CNN or BBC for 'reliable' actual news and SHIT!!! ITS TRUE???

ANYWAYS heres the CNN headline & article.

and heres the BBC headline & article.

Nuff said.

Micheal-you WERE a true legend and an artist your songs were beautiful & magical BUT you was really strange and odd to say the least.*teary...

R.I.P Wacko Jacko.

...oh yeah..Farrah Fawcett one of the ORIGINAL Charlie's Angels also died.

*...teary eyed..

Monday, June 22, 2009


Its finally happened..motoring fans around the world have speculated and debated for years who is the driver behind the white helmet..i myself have always guessed its either Schummi or Mika Hakkinen. This is why i LOVE Top Gear UK even though I'm not a car fan or a motor head. click here to see the YouTube clip of the reveal.

PS: i still have a suspicion that its all a publicity stunt.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

IronMan2 movie update: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

*Marvel comics version of Whiplash.

You guys probably knew about this already but here is the released image of Mickey Rourke as IronMan's nemesis Whiplash for the sequel slated for release next May. I like Mickey,this former pro-boxer/pretty boy proved you can throw away a huge Hollywood career,fuck up your face and with just one great indie movie 'The Wrestler' you can turn your shit around and even have hot French skanks flash their tities at you in broad daylight. Hey i'm down with that and i'm sure David John is gonna click on the link more then a few times.

And of course i gots to gets some for a new IronMan shot-here's the first official released image from the sequel,fans of the comics would know this as the famous 'Hall of armor' scene:

as for RDJ,his next big role as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes is coming up in december:

*note-RDJ was also a Hollywood has_been after his Oscar win for his Charley Chaplin portrayal RDJ spiraled downwards with drug addiction and numerous very public court convictions & rehab stints:

*fuck me they are pretty looking.

...but just like Rourke he turned his shit around and is now one of the hottest A-list actors in Tinseltown..

You know what guys...maybe i should compile celeb mug shots and do a post on em one day.

One day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

SpecFigures 4 'Mook' published by Hobby Japan

SpecFigures vol.4-this is the latest in a series of very successful Japanese 'mooks' (a magazine sold as a book) printed on great quality paper & in excellent layouts. Specfigures (first published in Nov 03') is 'the Bible' for ALL 1/6 enthusiasts around the world including me-despite the fact that 95% of the text is in Japanese (so des neh!!!). it highlights kitbashes,mods& the current 1/6 scene so its great if you really wanna get into this hobby.

*published dates of vol.1 to vol.4

As you can see from all my 4 volumes covers the military/special forces theme is still the favorite for this hobby BUT HotToys are really leading a new trend with licensed characters/icons from popular movies as you can note the segment on the 'battle damaged weathered' IronMan MkIII.

*image taken off the web.

As you can see @ Sgd$45.60,this mook ain't cheap BUT completely worth it for true blood 1/6 fan like myself so of course a must-buy during my recent Sg work/training trip. you can get a better preview of the articles in vol.4 and past volumes here.

The theme of my blog is actfigs & 'stuff' and this is definitely one of my treasured 'won't sell' possesions.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Singapore work trip (well sort of la ;p) 28th-31st May 09'

Was good to get away from Brunei during the long weekend with Monday being a public holiday-a much needed break after my workshop. As usual click here to view my so called weekend trip on my Flickr page.

*above pic taken using my cellphone camera is a life sized 1/1 scale Iron Man bust displayed at Kinokuniya bookshop/heaven @ Ngee Ann SC/Takashimaya Orchard.