Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More KL trip random pics prt1...well mostly of XL-Shop @Berjaya Times Square only la cos only had time to go there...

...all my KL mates call BTS a 'dead' mall..he he..balum tau lagi what is really a 'dead' mall..stay tuned for prt2..and YES of cos i did get some 'stuff' frm XL-Shop..he he..bz with work lately so no time to take pics of em & post.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Been BZ BZ lately..hmm..wat to post today? ahhh..my HotToys night ops S.E.A.L halo jumper..headsculpt is..well hav a look..enjoy cos i'll be away..

Yup..the head sculpt is Viggo Mortensen frm the movie G.I. Jane where he plays a tough as shit S.E.A.L instructor..this is one of my ALL TIME treasured 1/6 actfigs,came in a 'double-box' package with his own parachute & backpack (not in pic). click here for more pics frm the HotToys site http://www.hottoys.com.hk/product.php?cat=3&pid=144

Monday, March 16, 2009

R.I.P: wrestler TEST dead at 33...sigh..

..yet ANOTHER wrestler death...i wasn't a big fan of this guy but he had a presence in the ring & he was damn built. R.I.P. Andrew Martin aka Test frm his WWE days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chee cheong fan in Marine Parade hawker centre,May 2008.

Occasionally if chance permits i take pics of yummy foods..so hey what the hell,why not..he he..so here's a random food image as a breath of fresh air.

SOLD to David John: Star Wars stuff-EVERYTHING MUS GO!!!...$150 for everything..no joke.

Everything u see here-I WANNA LET GO...$150 for everything..no joke.

On my desktop: Clone Trooper from The Clone Wars animated series

On my desktop: TX Terminatrix from Terminator 3

*4 inches tall with a base..they got the look right..most importantly they got the ASS proportions right..LoL..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Revealed: Thunderbirds earth digger mini diorama...thats a 5 cent coin!!!

*I'm amazed how they can print the tiny words on the side of the digger...love minatures, ok la-dats all for today my 1st day doing a blog..never tot it wud be so addictive..damn..

For sale $5: original Hobby Japan June 08 issue..still crisp condition..minimal wrinkles..TONNES of Gundam & misc. toy pics.

*if u wan leave a message on the chatbox and i'll get back to you. I also got some older issues too all selling for $5 each.

Thunderbirds earth digger diorama...guess how small this is? Anyone?

*will reveal at 5pm...

*sneak pic 1st: Hot Toys - U.S.Navy Seal Team 2 HALO Night Ops Jumper Figure

*if u look closer..the head sculpt is Viggo Mortensen's look from the navy seal movie G.I. Jane, will post more pics soon.

Academy 1/35 Merkava MKIII tank

*unfinished project..oh yea..i do scale models too..mostly 1/35 tanks and military vehicles..ermm pls excuse the background ah..

...Luke..i AM your fa..ermm..where am I???

*...was bored while waiting..dnt ask why i had this in the car but i did..LoL

Vance Project - Pinky Street #011 Action Figure

*ok ok i knw i knw..wtf???but i think its cute so i bought it..$13.90 what..frm Sg couple yrs back..ermm now the purse gone liao cos my 3 yr-old nephew got to it..*sigh..

SOLD to Tagashie:Bandai MG RX-79(G) 1/100 model kit for sale

bought this yrs ago frm Toysworld in Miri..never got around to build it etc..I'm hoping sum1 can give me $50 for it..negotiable la.

Birth of another toy blog?

Hi all,1st of all-I AM NOT A BLOGGER FAN. But i do wanna share my personal collection of 'stuff' & maybe sell some off ( so new ones can come in la..)..i've started collecting 'toyz' since i was a kid with the small pack Lego's,cheap candy box mini toys and seriously got into it when i went to Singapore to study/live back in the early 90's...and i got hooked but i consider myself a mild & frugal collector..yet i don't know anyone else who collects my genre of stuff which is 12" military action figures or 'actfigs'...i think in total i have abt close to 20 sets as I've sacrificed/executed many through the years..LoL..most of them WWII German army,US army and some modern special forces but occasionally i've started to stray from strictly military actfigs with my very precious medicom RAH Star Wars storm trooper...anyways this is my FIRST posting,i'm in the office and i only have some random pics of my stuff on my laptop-i wanna give shout out to CH-TOYNATION as through his CH shops toys segment I've discovered that there are ppl like me who are fanatic abt good quality 'not for kids' toys for the big boys-i also blame him for getting me hooked back on toys esp. full actfig sets as i promised myself to stop buying full actfig sets years ago..i only buy loose 1/6 weapons sets whenever i go Sg or KL. Anyways i wanna share pics of my stuff cos they are sad just being stuck in my room-btw some are FOR SALE if interested.