Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i think its the right time to expose and pictorial 'review' one of my major full figure box set acquisitions of this year..bought this during my work trip to Sg in May-yes that's right I've not done a post about it here since getting it,just don't wanna follow the trend of racing to post something fresh off the oven. Its a shame to realize HotToys are now doing more on movie characters then military figures which put them on the map,this Ranger could well be one of their last military figures for a while to come.

So? here we go..lets start with the box.

The box itself is standard HT level of quality..its eye catching in its own right so i keep most or all of my 1/6 figure boxes. I bet most of you do as well.

The now familiar Hot Toys logo-by far the best producers of 1/6 figures at the moment.
The figure and accessories in the usual designed clear plastic trays-please you tell me now: how to tahan not to open this??!!! Yes your steady if you can keep it in unopened mint condition but once a while you'll take out also to touch & smell also right? Hell if i so rich like some people who can afford to buy 2 sets of each figure then sure la can keep one in box forever but who are we kidding :P

eh...where have i seen this face before ah?...hmmm...*duh..of course the head sculpt is that of Terence Howard from Ironman.
would be perfect if your gonna do a kit-bash of Lt. Col. Rhodes in his para rescue gear when he finds Tony Stark in the desert after his escape. hm mm...maybe a future kit-bash project? we'll see..actually why the HELL not?

lets take a close up look at the waist belt with suspender harness.
the pop flare and its pouch on the left side drop down panel.

the GPS in its pouch just next to the pop flare pouch as shown below.
and of course on the right side of the waist belt is the standard M9 pistol with holster.
Sawtooth boots instead of your typical military issued combat boots.
Mk.16(Scar L) with Grenade Launcher,i did an earlier post of the Mk.16 (Scar L) here.

MICH helmet and the ACH Headset System-communications all set!

well all geared up...lets move Ranger!!!
looks like that's all for this pictorial review of my HT U.S. Army Ranger 75th regiment featuring the headsculpt of Terence Howard...this is by far the BIGGEST post per topic i have done and its finally taken me till today 20th Oct to finish it as I've been very busy with work and all. I really hope you guys enjoy it even if your not a military figure fan.

oh and that proposed Lt. Col. Rhodes in pararescue gear in IronMan i mentioned?

I'm already on it...but that will be a post for next time-cheers!!!


  1. very cool pix and thorough review. :)

  2. oh tq tq...i try my best & I'm glad u enjoyed it.
    I'll post the Lt.Col. Rhodes in desert para rescue gear next time.

  3. These figures are very well made, are almost exactly the person that the actor plays in this great movie, I congratulate its creators because it must have taken time to perfect these figures are incredible and my collection are excellent!