Thursday, February 25, 2010


...decoration at work...
probably the MOST important part of CNY is the reunion dinner on the eve,no matter what you did or where you were if your a true blue blooded Chinese you dropped whatever you were doing to come home for this dinner as a sign of piety,respect and love for your family and especially for your parents. whether its a lavish spread or just a simple one its sitting down together as a family to eat together,if we lose that then our way of life is missing something important.
Note to self-packed on a least a few kg in first week alone.
thanks mom for another great Reunion Dinner,dad would have enjoyed it as usual.

...midnight in Seria...its magical as any area with Chinese people will light up fireworks & firecrackers as the clock approaches Brunei we are now allowed to 'play' firecrackers/fireworks with own safety and responsibility in mind,on this night you can literally see people burning their $$$ up in flames as some of these big fireworks cost a lot. of the best things about CNY day#1 is waking up to the sound of lion dance drums & firecrackers...the house next door always book lion dance to come bless the house. I'm grateful to the government of His Majesty for recently allowing again lion dance in public & to go from house to house for these activities. Believe it or not many years ago such things were banned(?) and CNY atmosphere in Brunei was very quiet & dull but in actual fact i believe the local Malays really like these lion dance as well cos its unique,colorful and something exciting.

my old Nike is busted up with the heel pads gone liao so i needed new sneakers for my regular hikes after work so I've been wanting a pair of classic look Adidas for a long time now and there were some pretty good offers at Hua Ho Yayasan,i've really grown into these and i now realize why these style of sneakers are so popular-I'm now a converted Adidas sneakers fan LoL. Anyways also CNY tradition is to wear something new during the celebration.

Baby girl Ke$ha doesn't like em though and showed it :(

...these were taken at the Seri area at one of the kopitiam restaurants where i usually have my work lunches,i like the red lion.
Chap Goh Mei (Hokkien means 15th night) will be on Sunday 28th Feb...last night of CNY 2010...another CNY come & gone just like that...sigh how time flies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


this new IronMan mark-VI suit statue will cost you USD$174.99 *spit blood

full story here.

back to work today since last Saturday...for my state of mind see image below-

...YAWNZZZZ...Gong Xi Gong Xi...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


its that time of the year again and as a fellow festive season is as important as the Lunar new year or simply Chinese new year for us folks...and one of my favorite things essential in CNY is the lion dance(other then the fireworks and family reunion dinner) are some random shots i took few years back?

anyways enjoy yourselves if you're celebrating,if not enjoy the holidays anyways. Have a good one I'll be back in a week or so. Time to stuff my face with food.

Let this year of the Tiger be a good one for us all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the END.

i used to LOVE watching this so called reality series but over the years it just got tired and finally after 6 years...TLC will call it quits on American Chopper.

Full story from ONTD.

Bitch of a internet has been down for the last few days at work so could only post this today @NetZone 635pm 11.2.2010.

Die E Speed-Die.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Been away...

the Cock & Bull pub @KK waterfront,the waitress were hot with their skimpy waitress outfits,not too skanky...on last night in KK we came here for drinks,KK we'll miss you.
oh so this is 1Borneo...meh its alright i guess but if your used to the shopping centres in Singapore then this is pretty standard big shopping mall as they get. Funny thing is the roast pork or 'bak gua' shop there doesn't 'sell' any roask pork in the shop just the dried sotong and meat floss etc. They take orders & customers can pick up at the shop when the orders are done somewhere else then sent to the shop. Odd. I managed to get some for CNY in Segama under the pedestrain overhead bridge,yes remember that the ONLY place to buy proper roast pork or bak gua in at Segama under the pedestrian bridge.
KK old town area...
...near Mt Kinabalu...seeing Mt Kinabalu for the 1st time made me realize how small we humans are yet how big our earthly problems are...the air is literally air-cond cool.
Suria Sabah the new big mall in KK old town...still pretty empty as most shops not yet moved in.
the last late lunch break we had @ Lawas on the way back,after 2 straight days of rich shiok meals this simple Indian restaurant economy rice meal was a welcome treat.
Hotel Promenade facing KK bay area,sweet place to stay.
Api-Api centre,view from my room on the 6th floor at night.
and of course KK Toys at Api-Api Centre,mind you they close on weekends...just had a quick look inside...its an ok so so la toy shop with a wide selection of stuff with a very small range of 1/6 figures mostly Bandai RAH figures..i can tell the price is bit high. So NO toys haul this trip...gotta keep $$$ for my damn car repairs @$#%&*

Gayang seafood near 1Borneo,places like these are in secluded places but are usually damn good.
this is China wine...sorta like sake...its W.M.D(water of mass destruction) cos the alcohol level is 52%...anyways this was our last big dinner together before heading back the next day. Am surprised that i am actually sick of shiok fresh seafood in my life.

Mt Kinabalu Heritage resort & spa
dinner at 'Super Tanker' restaurant on the outskirts of KK town,that's the restaurant exterior but not sure which signboard is theirs.
Soon Seng restaurant in Lawas
the best damn steamed fish for the WHOLE trip no joke*

haven't been to KK in years so this past weekend work trip there was cool..drove up there and back mind you...

so cheers to KK...will miss you.