Friday, October 23, 2009

DML F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Pilot during Operation Enduring Freedom

Before HotToys-it was Dragon that pioneered & ruled the 1/6 hobby scene and to me DML is STILL one of the best 1/6 scale producer. Unfortunately they have stopped doing modern military themes and now concentrates mainly on WWII German or American military themes. In its heyday DML was tops and hopefully this COMPLETELY DML kit-bash post will show you why.
Above is the HGU 55/p flight helmet with visor cover & MBU 20 CE pilot oxygen mask.
Here's a closer look at the 1/6 DML HGU 55/P flight helmet compared to the REAL actual helmet below,this is DML quality y'all way before HotToys stepped up their game.
OK-lets check this pilot out from head to toe.
Above you'll see the MA-2TORSO HARNESSES + SV-2 SURVIVAL VEST + LPU-23/P LIFE PRESERVER,yup that's right together with the tan color jumpsuit there's 4 layers of items here alone!
The survival vest includes a pouch for a radio,military torchlight and another pouch with survival kit-what kit? Look below.
Survival kit includes smoke flare,waterproof strobe,handy utility knife,mirror for signaling,smaller flare kit and of course a military issue Baretta with clip.Couple of things are missing here such as a can opener tool,small plastic bottle of drinking water and a whistle-those are somewhere else didn't have time to look for em.
Above: better view of the LPU-23/P LIFE PRESERVER in the situation of the pilot crashing in the middle of the Gulf ocean.
Actual 1/6 scale map of Iraq and a large flag to indicate to friendlies/enemy in the event of rescue/capture. *please don't shoot me Mr. Towel Head.
He wears the most basic military jungle boots for any condition.
HERO shot before putting the MBU 20 CE oxygen mask on.
Lets not forget to plug in the helmet communications cable.

Also plugged in is the oxygen supply hose and another pressure hose for the pressure G-suit to help fight off those heavy Gs during high-speed flight maneuvers.
Lets put it on & make sure there's oxygen flowing through this bitch.
eh...i forgot one important procedure before going up to 20 thousand feet.
Pre-flight booger removal,hell you think i can do this at 2 Gs at 20 thousand feet in the air?
5 pcs of the actual flight suit not including the tanned colored jump suit (for desert warfare ops).
I actually bought this whole DML pilot gear in YellowBoxTrade Sg years and years ago as they strip & sell stuff off as loose sets or items. The whole set is actually from this DML 70147 figure set as you can see below.
And the figure body itself is actually from my very first DML 12" action figure bought from the long gone Bluestone book shop in Gadong,its from this DML figure set.
...and what becomes of the figure after I've stripped him of all the gear and jumpsuit?

Well boys & pervs that's it for my full DML fighter pilot posting,these long blog postings are exasperating so i really hope you guys enjoyed it. I've had this set FOR year and years and years and its only in such condition cos i keep my stuff properly-DML was the best 1/6 manufactuerer but they still make very decent WWII German & American army figures.

Anyways happy weekend y'all I hope to bring you more DML postings from my humble collection in the near future and show you its not only HotToys that make great stuff.

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