Friday, July 31, 2009

Modern day U.S. Army soldier kitbash

A very basic kit bash using my 'old' BBI 26th MEU-SOC 2nd Force Recon's "Chopper" figure except I've swapped the jumpsuit with DiD's U.S. army digital camo uniform set,added HT's MK.16 Scar rifle,HT's shooting sunglasses,Armoury's tactical goggles & a couple of U.S. flag patches also from HT. I'm quite happy with the overall look of this kit bash,its the digital camo uniform i think.

I just like the overall look fo the modern day U.S. ACU so below is a bit of a tutorial & some real world images of the modern day U.S. soldier.

This DiD uniform set is SO versatile & there's so many kitbash usual click here or the 2 images of my latest kitbash for the full gallery,enjoy y'all.

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