Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Hot Toys is the TOP 1/6 action figure brand out there now-hands down.

Hot Toys T-700 Terryminator and T-600 Katominator

A Japanese TV program featured 2 tailor-made 1/6th scale terminator collectible figures from Hot Toys based on the likeness of the tv hosts. These figures were named as T-700 Terryminator and T-600 Katominator.

*from Kenmoo's awesome blog.

i have no idea what they are talking about but these 2 guys don't realize how lucky they are to now have their own custom-made HT Terminator action figures of themselves-priceless. I am salivating.

hi all,uploading the video clip onto blogspot is a BITCH so instead I've only posted a screen shot of the clip and here is instead the youtube link of the clip. Be prepared to wet your pants if your a HotToys fan.

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