Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who says paper can't be fun???

during a VERY slow & boring day at the office i chanced upon this Papercraft models thingy and decided...hmmm..so printed out the sheets of b/w a4 size paper from the office printer and started cutting away...one afternoon,lotsa glue,sore fingers and one free evening later..presto!!! A b/w paper YT-1300 light freighter or the actual spaceship model of the Millennium Falcon,this was not a concentrated effort but imagine the results if i had color printed the paper sheets & really put my focus into this.Anyways there are tonnes of other sci-fi papercraft models here.

...and the best damn thing about this Papercraft models is..its FREE!!! All you need is a color printer,glue,pair of good small scissors,tweezers,cutting pad and maybe a couple of pointy toothpicks..he he..go for it!!!

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