Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scoop: Fox set to terminate 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'

Just read abt this via CNN today..bummer..this is the ONLY u.s. TV sci-fi series that i follow & LOVE left on-air (Battlestar Galactica finished liao also),watched the season 2 finale (LOVED IT) the other day & now this...sigh..i love the human story of the show AND of course..
SUMMER GLAU a.k.a Cameron the female terminator...*swingggg!!! oh well at least we'll soon be able to see more terminator action when the new movie comes out..Christian Bale should make the best on-screen John Connor yet.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Hot Toys US160th SOAR(Special Operations Aviation Regiment [Crewmember]) 12" action figure.

Just for fun i created this Flickr site for better image gallery posting,click my Flickr or the banner window below the chat box-enjoy the pics y'all!

ps:...is it just me or is it like SO DAMN HOT lately?T_T..melted..

Monday, April 6, 2009

KL trip pics final posting..cos i've finally learnt how to upload more then 5 pics per posting..told u'all i was an amatuer..LoL..enjoy the pics!!!

Last shots of XL-Shop @BTS..great 1/6 military act.figs display i tell you..and i actually have some of the figures at home..he he..

for me the best foods are ALWAYS street food aka hawker food..yummy..first night in KL went to Puchong for some FANTASTIC street food.We had bakuteh,Hokkien fried noodles,carrot cake,honey BBQ chic wings,Taiwan sausages & dumplings,sambal stingray and of course ice cold beers..."next best thing to getting laid is good food"-HELL YEAH!!!LoL.

Marriot Putrajaya where I stayed, some of the meals we had. One dinner was at this great seafood place overlooking the man-made lake in Putrajaya...i wud definitely come here again...and the margarita I had in the hotel lounge...easy on the salt ok baby...he he.