Thursday, April 22, 2010

hmmMMM...potential kitbash?

DML's "Werner" Ukraine 1943 winter campaign Fallschirmjäger on the left and SoldierStory's new 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division Ardennes 1944 on the right (nice Peter Weller head-sculpt)...

Fallschirmjäger were the German paratroopers during WWII. of my old DML WWII German soldier figure set,once i saw SoldeirStory's latest release below i thought...hey i could kit-bash this easy cos-

i did managed to get this DML WWII German bazooka set during one of my work-trips some time ago...and-

i also have this DML M-1 carbine rifle from one of my other DML American soldiers sets. Yes that's right German soldiers often preferred to use captured enemy allied forces weapons instead of their own issued ones.
* tau ke mana jual nasi katok yg best?

well just means another 'project' for me during this weekend...yeah!


  1. Wahh, thanks for the revelation on the carbine rifle. I didn't know they used the GI's carbine and actually prefer those more than their KER-98s! Can't wait to see ur next kitbash project...

    For the record, I just bought 2 WW2 1/6 figures....habis budget bulan depan sekali! LOL!

  2. hey my friend i knew German soldiers occasionally liked to show off captured U.S. GI pistols but this was as much as a surprise for me as well with the M1 carbine (my fav WWII rifle is still the Garand),check this link out with amazing rare images:

    yes i noticed your DiD Captain Millers "Upham Upham!!!" even though i have bit too much DML German figures but I'm really liking SS new ones...we'll see if i got go any work-trips etc to get a gd deal.