Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the END. have you guys seen the big finale? if you have then your either disappointed..or you thought it.was.the.bomb. or your like me who felt a bit of both,as one friend said it "I've had a relationship with this show for the last six years-how can it end like that???"

anyways I'm having a hard time getting back to posting things cos the net speed is terrible at my workplace lately...hell it took me almost an hour just to load this one single damned image,yup no joke.

rest assured I'll get back to it soon OK my dear friends? oh another thing...they didn't bring back Mr. Eko for the finale which disappointed me and if you haven't seen the finale come on have you been living in a cave or what? Oh if you haven't watched it-JACK DIES AT THE END. So what's next?

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