Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'VE been missing out on this???

for some odd reason Rei is my favorite in term of character depth...she is SO deep...
Asuka is obviously the favorite for most fans but not for me...yet watching Eva 2.22 made me sorta miss the figure i bought from KL last year...cos i sold it off :p
last night i watched Evangelion 1.11 before watching Eva 2.22 (as advised by Eric,thanks!)...i was curious what the hoo haa was all about...I'm a so so anime movie fan...the only anime series i watched with passion was Bleach but that got boring as the story arcs were repetitive...

as far as I'm concerned the only thing i knew about Evangelion were the skinny cyborg mechas and the toys...heck i bought the Asuka Langley Fraulein figure for fun really & not cos i was a fan of the thing...BUT...even-though the world is in WorldCup fever last night i watched the 2 movies back to back...heck Eva1.11 was French dubbed some more and lucky i found Eng subs...



oh and this Utada Hikaru song from then end of the movie is my current fave song for now until i get really sick of it.

i won't be rushing out to get the toys but i will be looking forward to the next movie...from what I'm told there's quite a few planned.

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