Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a zombie TV show...

...what an iconic looking poster...
its basically an assemble cast performance...think LOST except with zombies...LOTS of zombies...
but this guy is our 'Jack' or hero of the show...Andrew Lincoln as Deputy Rick Grimes. And as i suspected a virtual unknown but talented actor picked for such a show to play a Southern boy...ain't even American...another brilliant British actor.
the first pretty-faced walker Rick meets after he wakes from his coma...this beauty has her torso from the stomach down all torn away and moves around by a pitiful slow crawl...pretty ain't she? I lately feel & look like this after work -_-.*

of course the TV series is based on the hugely successful (yet i didn't know about it) comic book series of the same name. This is my new LOST in terms of my TV series diet even-though we're just up to episode 2.

I've been very VERY busy lately & just plain exhausted after work so the only thing I've had the energy & time for is this show...hope you guys understand the minimum usual stuff postings.

Btw would you believe i had a nightmare the other night about being chased & cornered by zombies & i ran out of bullets? Even one to off myself? Oh and i was Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil movie.

I kid you not.

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