Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grazie Mauri

first starter: Squid Salad 4.5/5 yummers score (me BIG salads FAN)

second starter: Beef Carpaccio 4/5 yummers score

first main course: Mixed Seafood Spaghetti 4.8/5 yummers score

second main course: Chicken & Pineapple Pizza 3.9/5 yummers score-bit bland :(

Desert: Strawberry Ice Cream with assorted sliced fruits 3.5/5 *meh...

obviously refurbished as i remember Sushi Tei had a really claustrophobic & stale feel...atmosphere score 4/5 didn't like that the loo was upstairs & climbing up those stairs with a heavy full stomach was daunting...

the new Grazie Mauri @the former Sushi Tei in Gadong (opposite Pizza Hutt Gadong)...$20 'all you can eat' Ramadhan menu...pretty good value for money as i long as you finish all the food on your plate you can order whatever is on the menu-we even had a serving of Fresh Fish Fillet served with lemon butter sauce but that was a bit salty so 3/5 yummers score for the fish.

the promotion goes on until Raya me thinks...anyways if you wanna try out the many Sungkai (breaking of fast) promotions going on at the moment...give this a try simply for the great money for value.

I'm not a food blogger nor do i want to claim to be one but i LOVE yummy food so for a more 'professional' local look at Grazie Mauri click here.

And a shout out to Amy...thanks for the photoshop actions :p

ps:all shots using flash off night mode on my Nokia E63...cos i don't carry my Cybershot everywhere ok?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Follow up...

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...her name is Mini...*cough cough...

found this in an old Taiwan car magazine i bought some time ago...& I'm not really that into cars LoL...they say sharing is caring so I'm showing you guys (and gals) love by sharing these scans of this sweet piece of ass...the profile on the mag reads her name as me...@32c those puppies are far from 'mini'...
anyways i think I'll review this on my next post...still feeling lethargic even after a whole week off after a major work project,coincidentally there's a bit of buzz online about some deleted scenes for the bluray release of the original StarWars trilogy scene called the 'missing lightsabre scene' in ROTJ...
click the above screen grab of the scene to watch the clip,you can actually hear super-nerds having a massive nerd-gasm watching funny...notebook batt flat soon so I'll catch you soon...enjoy Mini :p

Sunday, August 1, 2010