Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini haul from recent Sg work trip...

Backstreets back alRIGHT!!!LoLs.
this from Toy Realm @ground floor of CSC. *finally...been looking for this one for ages.
ZY Toys 1/6 M82A1M sniper rifle & NECA set of Predators from U-Toys eXtreme @1st floor CSC. Yes...no 1/6 figure set haul this time...kinda tired of the current offerings..for now.


  1. Bro, nice score for the predators figures!!

  2. Thanks Des...only had 1 free night there...if had more time would have looked for you all for yam cha...I'm sure you guys are looking forward to HT's Tracker...i guess i settle for this set will do lah...