Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At end of's just plastic.

Yes it's a wow pic...but after 5 may all know i've stopped serious toy collecting indefinitely especially on HotToys...don't get me wrong i still love toys & the wonder they bring to the child in all of us...but when is enough, enough? I'm at a new stage in my personal life which means i have to be smart about wasteful don't grow on trees folks. So if you can, more power to you with your 'hauls of the day hauls of the week hauls of the month bla bla bla look at how much money i spend on toys at MY age...' its not about if your loaded...its about is this necessary? do i need to spend over Sgd/Bnd$300++ on ANOTHER HotToys IronMan release? Seriously...anyways enjoy the pic I'm not trolling I've just gotten over extravagant toys...these days a $2.90 fake Lego super-hero mini-fig is good enough for my desk. Peace out!

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