Friday, December 18, 2015

so yesterday The Force Awakens opened here...

We'll miss you Han ol' buddy
POTF/ROTJ robed Jedi Luke
Dagobah Vader *SCORED!!!
I'm not going to watch The Force Awakens on opening day or week... i just cant stand the crowds... maybe the week after when time permits. So for the occasion i visited Fanboys Infinite cos i know they are huge StarWars fans just like me... they were having a special SW sale for opening day so i picked these up all for B$35... about USD$24. The guy knows how to hook me up.

Anyways have you guys watched it yet? I only found out what happened to Han and now the full synopsis/plot is available online... i don't mind though i'll still enjoy the movie when it's my turn to watch. I know i don't post much nowadays and almost everything is SW related well why not its the year of TFA but i will still try my best to make posts. Thanks for sticking around. May the Force be with you.

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