Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Thors

it may seemed I've stopped collecting 1/6 especially HotToys but that's not entirely true... I've just stopped buying expensive new figures from them... come on...not cheap kay but I've become a bargain hunter and there's a small community of local collectors who often sell off their pre-loved figures at half the price. but I'm picky and i will only spend my money on iconic figures... the first Thor was purchased in April last year for Sgd$95/USD$68... the right elbow joint was loose but overall still good condition. second Thor Avengers was bought in Dec last year for Sgd$110/USD$79 nothing broken. Then someone was selling off their Dark World Thor which i eventually bargained for Sgd$150/USD$108 with only the hammer strap broken but overall condition good. So that's about Sgd$355 for 3 Thors which is about the average price nowadays for ONE BLOODY IRONMAN brand new! and with that i unknowingly had a Thor theme going on... i have to say i like the character from the first movie on-wards and enjoy these very much. Will i get the AOU Thor? probably not as there's very lil difference to TDW Thor. For now just enjoy these pics (in random order) if your a Thor fan or if your planning to get any. Cheers!

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