Saturday, March 25, 2017

NECA Private Hudson

'game over man game over!'

picked this one up during this week's school holiday trip to KK from KK Toys... which is KK's biggest toy store i guess... its a must visit whenever I'm in town... last visit was some years back during a company trip with the press.

after about 20+ minutes inside the store it was either i splurge around RM$400+ on yet another 1/6 figure or be the responsible adult with a kid and just get something cheaper so i settled for this... for those of you still living in a fucking cave it's great timing as Bill Paxton who played Hudson recently passed so this is sort of a tribute. I'm spending my hard earn RM$85.00 right?

yeah i know its not a new figure but so what as long as its in the box its new to me, a lot of debate online about the goofy eyes head-sculpt but i think it shows Hudson at his pussy best when things get rough in the movie.

anyways i am too lazy to ad watermarks on the pictures which i took using my iPhone 5c... i will know they are my pics cos they are my fucking angle, my fucking lighting, my fucking floors and my fucking background lol.

any-who just enjoy the pics and if your still a regular thanks for still coming back, you must like what i do even if its not as regular as much as in the past but I'm still here and I'll be around. thanks.

 ps: KK trip was great even-though tiring... we went by boat from Muara to Labuan to KK, visited the touristy Desa farm where we got to see cows and nice mountain views. The kids sure loved it though. Food a bit pricey at some places and the taxi fares sorta killed us, use UBER in the end, damn cheap! May even go back again soon.

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