Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitbashed BBi 1/6 special ops M249 gunner

OK I've had a bit of free time & mood lately to take proper decent pics of my 1/6 military's another 'kitbashed' figure i just put together in no time. kitbashed means to take one figure set & strip down or ad misc. items from other kits of different make in other words: customized.

This figure is kitbashed from BBi's NavySeal NSCT "Raider" figure set. Here are the additions:

Modified barrel M249 SAW machine gun from DML
Load bearing vest from DML
Ammo pouch + US army issue bayonet from DML
Wristwatch from DML
Black wool head cover from DML
Afghan shemagh from HotToys
Baretta M9 pistol & holster from HotToys
Gas mask & carrier pouch from HotToys

As usual you can view the full pics gallery in my Flickr page here. Enjoy!!!
ps: thanks to my niece for the orange manila card served as a proper backdrop ;p


  1. bro kat brunei ada toyshop tak... ?? if any how was the price range..??
    neway great kit-bashing bro...

  2. ada..try CH-Toynation the link is on the side of my blog. price is ok ok same as Sg & KL but some shops hike up cos they think we sakai..LoL.