Saturday, June 20, 2009

IronMan2 movie update: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

*Marvel comics version of Whiplash.

You guys probably knew about this already but here is the released image of Mickey Rourke as IronMan's nemesis Whiplash for the sequel slated for release next May. I like Mickey,this former pro-boxer/pretty boy proved you can throw away a huge Hollywood career,fuck up your face and with just one great indie movie 'The Wrestler' you can turn your shit around and even have hot French skanks flash their tities at you in broad daylight. Hey i'm down with that and i'm sure David John is gonna click on the link more then a few times.

And of course i gots to gets some for a new IronMan shot-here's the first official released image from the sequel,fans of the comics would know this as the famous 'Hall of armor' scene:

as for RDJ,his next big role as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes is coming up in december:

*note-RDJ was also a Hollywood has_been after his Oscar win for his Charley Chaplin portrayal RDJ spiraled downwards with drug addiction and numerous very public court convictions & rehab stints:

*fuck me they are pretty looking.

...but just like Rourke he turned his shit around and is now one of the hottest A-list actors in Tinseltown..

You know what guys...maybe i should compile celeb mug shots and do a post on em one day.

One day.

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