Thursday, June 11, 2009

SpecFigures 4 'Mook' published by Hobby Japan

SpecFigures vol.4-this is the latest in a series of very successful Japanese 'mooks' (a magazine sold as a book) printed on great quality paper & in excellent layouts. Specfigures (first published in Nov 03') is 'the Bible' for ALL 1/6 enthusiasts around the world including me-despite the fact that 95% of the text is in Japanese (so des neh!!!). it highlights kitbashes,mods& the current 1/6 scene so its great if you really wanna get into this hobby.

*published dates of vol.1 to vol.4

As you can see from all my 4 volumes covers the military/special forces theme is still the favorite for this hobby BUT HotToys are really leading a new trend with licensed characters/icons from popular movies as you can note the segment on the 'battle damaged weathered' IronMan MkIII.

*image taken off the web.

As you can see @ Sgd$45.60,this mook ain't cheap BUT completely worth it for true blood 1/6 fan like myself so of course a must-buy during my recent Sg work/training trip. you can get a better preview of the articles in vol.4 and past volumes here.

The theme of my blog is actfigs & 'stuff' and this is definitely one of my treasured 'won't sell' possesions.

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    Just came across ur blog. Whr cld I get that 'mooks' magazine...especially the one with that 101st Airborne review?