Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Strike Eagle Prt.III(final)

i guess this wraps up my Academy 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle 3-part feature...here are the cockpit shots...GOD these were so hard to shoot but i guess it'll do. I've had this model for quite a while now as the permanent dust in the cockpit shows...i never considered this a fully completed project as there are still so many detailing i can do such as the pilot seat harness etc etc...and i didn't use any actual F-15E cockpit pictures for reference so its not perfect but hey its OK,I'm just an amateur modeler.

So that's it then...back into the display cabinet this piece goes...i still have quite a few unfinished projects & some still in the box but honestly scale modeling is such a time/patience consuming hobby..but the results are most times well worth it. Next?


  1. thanks for sharing the pictures :) Amazing details, man GREAT job CHEERS

  2. TQ TQ paiseh paiseh...so when you gonna get into scale modeling too my friend? heh heh...

  3. too deep into 1/6 now to go into another hobby haha the wife would KILL me :) dabbled with some scale modeling in my younger days but nothing compared with what you have done Thumbs UP!