Tuesday, October 5, 2010


was testing a couple of close up camera techniques the other day in the house...i felt these 2 shots were pretty good to share with you guys.

one of my many 1/35 scale tanks/military vehicles the IDF M113 APC 'Zelda' by Academy,below is the model kit box art *image from online.

here is an image of the actual APC in the IDF...click here for more info on the M113 APC. I'll do a proper posting of this APC in the near future...consider this a sneak peek? As usual if you like my work pls show me some love by leaving either a comment or rating,thanks!


  1. Love the pics, can't wait to see more - even comes with a miniature poster? dat's kool :)

  2. heh heh there's actually another one at the driver's cockpit...tq for ur support.