Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DML 1/6 #70096 "Ryan Reese" US Army 10th Mountain Division

Sometimes good things come to people who are patient & hopeful...a bookshop corner in a mega-mart has had this item for sale for years...& trust me its hard to get stuff like this here. Initially the price tag was Bnd/Sgd$123.50...forget it no takers...then it went down to Bnd/Sgd$75.90 and i thought meh...we'll see.

Then last night while doing some CNY grocery shopping i spotted it...selling for Bnd/Sgd$49.90 and i knew i wasn't gonna walk away from it this time so i bargained with the shop dude & finally got it for...


Sure the box is a bit worn & torn but everything inside was as good as new (as you can see) and still had that new actfig smell...I consider this a treasure find as its one of DML's cooler old full-of-gear figure sets and definitely hard to find around these parts.

you can view more product images of this set here. Overjoyed at having this in my collection? You bet.

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