Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Apa macam bro? (How's it hanging bro?)

I've actually had this figure for ages...if not mistaken i actually ordered it from overseas cos this figure was impossible to find at the time. Then i lost the detachable back-pack thanks to my monkey of a nephew maybe like years ago...amazingly last weekend i found it in a basket of tools. Having the figure complete again oddly made me appreciate this old dirty little thing once again...for some reason I've always felt sandtroopers were bad ass cos of their grungy look...& they can survive wearing all that gear in the hot deserts of Tatooine...who cares if they sucked at accuracy shooting. Now I'm itching to get one of the newer sandtrooper figures before they disappear to accompany this one.
...oh damn...its 2011 already.

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