Friday, April 8, 2011

I missed my own 2nd anniversary??!!!

Can't believe it...i've been so so busy with life & work itself...i completely forgot that 11th March is the anniversary of my humble toy & lifestyle(?) blog...its been two years ++ since my very first step into the so called blogging world...

anyways i want to thank everybody who has visited my blog...apparently my biggest audience is from the States so a BIG THANK YOU there at the other side of the big pond...and of course my fellow Bruneians are my second biggest audience...thanks for the local support. I also have love for my Singaporean counterparts kam sia manyak ha...

i must admit i have slowed down in this treacherous hobby we call 'toy collecting' as reality & life's needs have taken its toll but i remain a child at heart and eventhough i may not match the monthly hauls of most toy bloggers i am still fascinated & impressed by things coming out everyday. I still use the same old Sony Cybershot for my shots but i will always ensure i give you the best self taken images possible within my skills & resources.

ironically...blogging about my toys (& certain adventures) have become just as much a big part of my liesure life as my collection of toys. Just as i stated from the very begining...sharing is caring...i will continue to share whatever modest collections i have in image form as what others are doing.

here's to another year of blogging...thank you all once again...and...much much delayed with NEXT MEGA images collection post.

cheers and thanks..btw...i like hearing from you guys so don't be shy leave a message after the beep or at the 'spam flooded' chatbox at the side. See youse!

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