Saturday, March 13, 2010

1 year already???

my 1/6 army salutes & thanks you.

I've been so busy with work & stuff i almost didn't realize that this week marks the 1st year anniversary since i started this very modest low key hobby blog,first & foremost the main theme will ALWAYS be on my 1/6 hobby followed by other toy genres then any other misc things that i feel is interesting from my point of view.

well here it is, my very first posting one year ago this week.

you know the saying: you can make some of the people happy most of the time but you can never make everybody happy all of the time so its been great that whatever takes my fancy posted here interest everybody who's visited my blog. Before i started this blog i never really understood why everyday people were so into this phenomena known as 'blogging' and worst of all i only have very basic skills on a computer and knew almost nothing about how to do a blog,with this i want to thank those whom i have met through this medium and hobby who have given me tips and advice on blogging especially the toy collectors in Brunei-i am most humbly grateful for all your support and patronage.

whether your into gunpla,Star Wars,Transformers,anime or figma we all have the same passion for this hobby only we can understand and trust me we still get weird looks from people who find out we spend such crazy money on such things.

so enough with the bullshit,i want to show gratitude to my very old but still very reliable Sony DSC-P100 Cybershot digital camera which i bought in 2005(?) and without it 99% of the images on my blog would not be possible at all.
yes that's right,i use this very simple Cybershot for everything you see here-would i ever get one of those bulky really expensive pro looking cameras? who knows..maybe but we'll see.

Btw to dear new hobby bloggers,do yourself and all of us a favor-get a decent digital camera for your shots,it makes no sense to me you can afford to buy a $200++ toy item every month & can't afford a proper digital camera plus using hand-phone camera for those shots...well you know the rest. I maybe just an amateur blogger but its a priority i give you guys a decent image esp doing toy reviews.
so thank you all once again for your support,I'll be back next week with the reviews of the SoldierStory ODA figure as well lots more to come here on Actfigs & Stuff-have a great weekend everybody!!!


  1. Keep up your good reviews and photos all the time..

  2. TQ Desmond...will do,same to you as well!