Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ODA review pt2-details

the chamber works as you can see from the above 2 images and so does the adjustable butt stock.
as well as the Gripod for sniper accuracy shooting.
the custom camouflage painted M4 with CASV rail,Short dot scope,Gripod and M6x TLIL,and a PEQ2 laser sight. The CASV Free Float Handguard looks pretty accurate in comparison to the real thing below.
as for the Short dot scope also looks pretty good in comparison to a sample below.
same deal for the M6x TLIL below.
and lastly the PEQ2 laser sight.

overall SS has done a great job on this M4 with lots of accessories and a cool camo paint job,everything works from the chamber,removable handguard,gripod and butt stock BUT it is VERY fragile as it uses very thin plastics and if your not careful tends to break under pressure,and the railings uses slide in instead of tiny pins to secure them which makes it very unstable. It doesn't have that solid feel as HT or DML 1/6 weapons and i guess that's where they have to improve.

one of the best things about this set is it comes with an actual metal like magazine where you can load actual tiny brass ammunition.
*image taken from Soldier Story website.

to check out their M4 review click here.
other small details that i liked,this cool tactical knee pad but only came with one.

and actual scale Oakley assault boots which a lot of special forces and even swat teams around the world use now-looks like the age of the combat G.I. leather boots is numbered,the shoelaces are real,you can even remove the whole foot if you wanted to and check out the boot bottom treads. Top notch.

and finally a big improvement on this figure are the posing articulation of the wrist,DML has failed in this with their figures and HT only has this on their plain ungloved hands. The articulation in the wrist enables real like weapons handling in ready or hold mode as shown in the images above. The hands design is actually similar to BBi but SS have made theirs slightly softer and makes it easier to 'grip' onto any type of weapons as you can see.

so that's the details review of the ODA figure,I'll be back again soon with the 3rd and final review of this figure set. Is a busy week for me so please be patient with my postings.

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