Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ODA review pt1

this is long overdue but hey i been busy and all so here it is my full review,bought this SoldierStory ODA figure set from YellowBoxTrade for about Sgd/Bnd$140 back in Aug last year during another of my training/work trips to Sg...also got this HT TrueType figure from TFH for about Sgd/Bnd$40...Go_figure @the mall is selling the same thing for almost $70...sorry ha your pricing is still way too high for my taste even-though your stock is good.
very nice standard twin box packaging configuration with flip cover. the ONLY thing i wasn't happy about this box set was the cool mechanix black gloves cos i got 2 gloves for the right hand!!! so for the left hand i had to put the glove on backwards so the mechanix wordings were on the inside of the palms instead. Also the white wordings on the black gloves fade off very quickly so you wont have this look below.
Packaging defect? or the shop ppl replaced it purposely...i don't know but still its no big deal,its still a pretty good figure box set,lets carry on shall we?
yup a very unique figure set...not your typical hero Brad Pitt head-sculpt and is thick in the how do you supposed this figure has such a plus size look? well here's the answer which i was amazed.
yup that's right...its a 1/6 scale fat suit..duh of course...with its own man boobs & cod piece...its the same technique used for SoldierStory Ariel Sharon figure.
apprently the idea for this figure probably came from this former special forces guy on this book cover-
anyways i think its brilliant...not all real world special forces look like John Rambo or Brad Pitt...most really look like some unshaven lard ass ah pek down the road...I'm fortunate to have bought this figure even-though it wasn't my target purchase at the time..its apparently out of production and is not even featured on the manufacturer's website anymore.

prt2 is coming up so stay tuned...hope y'all enjoyed the modest review.

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