Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ODA review-the finale

ok here it is the final review/report on Soldier Story's ODA ASSault Team Leader figure.

here he is first without the tactical vest...
the ACU is standard and spot on...the Boonie hat is a bit tight and hard to put on with the radio head gear on but overall no complaints,I'm a huge fan of this modern ACU camouflage design.
SERPA holstered M9 pistol,frag grenade pouch...M9 ammo clip pouch...lotsa nice gear on this figure set. Love love love big ass figure sets with lotsa gear.
General purpose pouch with cable tie binders and the M148 radio.
Dump pouch at the back for empty ammo clips..gotta recycle nowadays...and the drop down gas mask carrier pouch on the thigh.

now for the full gear on...
@Sgd$140 this is a great value for $$$ purchase with all the gear...its a unique figure with its own fat-suit...so much potential for kit bashing with this one. Summary below:-

cons: wrong pair of Mechanix gloves and the M4 rifle material is just too fragile.

pros: unique figure character,the boots,tonnes of posing possible,great gear,the box design shows you what exactly your getting,good balanced figure with so much gear on doesn't topple over and from what i am aware of this figure is no longer in production...its not even in the website anymore. or am i wrong?
Ba da bing? Ba da boom.

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