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so...I've been following this Japanese sci-fi thriller trilogy for a while now and I've only recently finished watching all 3 films,gotta say GREAT trilogy in the style of the original Star Wars and LOTR...very clever how the story was spread into 3 acts and best of all the 3 movies taps into every notable pop culture from the trilogies title to tonnes of Ultraman references i.e. one of the characters name is Dan Moroboshi (the human host of Ultra Seven).

if YOUR a true OTAKU then you know about this movie trilogy and you'll certainly know why I'm not even going to attempt to explain the films main plots & storyline-basically ITS DAMN GOOD. of the urging questions the first 2 films left anyone was...WHO IS FRIEND??? well i gotta tell you it was a movie moment similar to when Vader told Luke he was his father or when we finally saw the lizard faces of the visitors in the 80's TV series V,so here it is below...if you haven't seen the final movie turn away now...yeah right as if that's gonna work.

chapter1 released on 30 August 2008

Chapter2 titled 'A New Hope' released on 31 January 2009,see what i mean about the sci-fi pop culture referencing?

...and finally the final chapter titled 'Lets take back our flag' in some international releases on 29 August 2009.

of course 20th Century Boys is based on the science fiction mystery manga created by Naoki Urasawa which won the 2001 Kodansha Manga Award. Here are the film's actors compared to the manga characters,most of the casting was spot on and my favorite main characters are of course Kenji,his totally hot niece Kanna and Otcho.

so are you ready to see WHO FRIEND REALLY IS?

...its FUKUBEI!!! one of the childhood friends also of the group!!!
Fukubei after finally taking off the one eyed mask...

Fukubei as a teen in school just prior to meeting a teenage kenji...

...and Fukubei as a bullied child...

i guess the moral of the movie is basically...don't bully & mess up some kids life,you may think its no big deal BUT that snot nosed girly kid COULD one day end up as a world dominating messiah with the power to end it all.

- Maximus Decimus Meridius

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