Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DML 1/6 #73004 HK S.D.U. "Ray Kwan"

Thanks to MarsMarvin...another classic DML 1/6 figure box-set into my collection.

The pictures speak for themselves...and its definitely a DML classic piece with the yellowing of the plastic covering which is common for a lot of the older out-of-production box-sets...it was pure luck to find this on Facebook from another fellow collector...its amazing to see how toy-collecting as a hobby is actually quite healthy but underground in Brunei has been for many many years with it only getting more exposure during these few years...
A nice addition to go with my DML 73010 SDU-Sniper "Lam" figure...until the next post...see yous when I see yous.


  1. Still a very nice figure produced by DML..

    1. Absolutely...I have such a soft spot for the old DML figures...the new ones are great but don't have the charm & character the old ones have...I wonder if I'm the only one who feels that way :p