Friday, December 28, 2012

Great Muta NJPW figure

My 'itch' has been 'scratched'

As you all may know I'm a huge fan of this legendary Japanese wrestler The Great Muta aka Keiji Mutoh...broaden your horizons a lil bit...WWE TNA is not the whole world of pro wrestling...NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling) are the two major promotions in Japan where pro-wrestling is known as PURORESU and no single individual is as big as this guy. Hulk Hogan? Please this guy is on par or just as big as the Hulkster,they even had a few big matches in the day.
Here's my tribute post to the man himself.

Anyways this is my Great Muta white face version figure which i recently got from Japan off eBay at the price of Sgd$75...thanks to my dearest long time lady friend RockRoyalty for helping me get this. Apparently its rare & not cheap for a figure this size (about 5 inches height) but I'm content with it. Here below are other figure versions of this icon,I know most wrestling figure collectors are into the WWE/WWF figures from Pacific Jakks but i think this is a unique figure series. Please note the item images below are from the internet.

PS: I haven't been collecting much as of late mostly concentrating on Star Wars figures which I'll post at later date,anyways we survived 21/12/12 LoL and a new year 2013 is coming...I want to take this chance to wish all visitors to my humble blog a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 and best of health to you always,CHEERS!
 'red face' version
white shoe bottom & different carded version
 NWO Japan Muta
as himself Keiji Mutoh version love the Mutoh mullet man!
as his 2000s version after he shaved off his hair & reinvented himself
 *these images are grabbed off the internet with the last image of Muta with demon mask belonging to Yen-Wen on Flickr.
*this image belongs to whydraft2


  1. Great Muta was always one of the best! You have a great set of Japanese wrestlers. One Shot

  2. Hi One Shot actually the Great Muta figure featured is the ONLY one I have LoL...these are NOT cheap and very hard to find...the rest are image grabs off the internet,cheers!

  3. I've always wanted to start a Muta figure collection... but between comic books and 501st cosplay, I don't have enough money! haha. Great pictures, especially the last one with all the figs. Love it. Muta rules.

    1. you bet Micheal...every so often 'new' videos of Great Muta matches emerge on youtube thanks to diehard fans with the material...which goes to show there's no one as unique as the Muta! Glad you liked this post!