Monday, January 21, 2013

HotToys & 1/6 Brunei charity display event

so how's the 1/6 scene in Brunei? Click on to find out *all images courtesy of Mr.burn Studio/Workshop
 KUDOS & well done to the guys who organized this...
IronMan Hall of Armor...should be the owner
 yes Brunei has a healthy cosplay scene as's not so boring after all here.
these are just some images off the Facebook page of Mr.burn Studio/Workshop as i couldn't attend and plus these are way better here to view all of the images in the album.

the event is called Learning Ladders Charity Event Hot Toys and Gundams and i think its a great & worthy cause. Learning Ladders is an NGO for children with autism in Brunei. On the side was gunpla display as well you should be able to see the images in the full album...yes gunpla is also very active here in Brunei.

This took place yesterday Sunday 20.1.2013 at the Mabohai shopping complex where Brunei ToysRus and Mini Cooper showroom is located...its a little bit on the outskirts of our capitol BsB. Trust me I would have LOVED to have participated as you all know i am a 1:6 fan/semi-retired collector but I had to do some chores as CNY is coming soon. Anyways this is a good post to start my amateur hobby/lifestyle blog for the year 2013...a belated Happy New Year to all my blog visitors!

here's another Facebook photo album of the same event by Adrian Vi...hopefully you all can view cos these are some great images! I may not get back to serious 1/6 collecting soon as i now have bigger priorities in life plus Hot Toys are still NOT cheap!!! Anyways enjoy the images and thanks to the album owners for allowing me to share. Cheers! 

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