Saturday, May 4, 2013

4th May is Star Wars day

I'll continue to show my fan love for Star Wars by spending my hard earned $$$ on pieces of plastic like these long as Hasbro keeps making good ones that is.
 family portrait
 ...and then I said I'll fix the damn hyper-drive...
 I TOLD you...quit checking out Leia's ass're not coming for supper then Luke?
 Harrison Ford doing the praying mantis stance for a new kung-fu flick.
I warned you...those were NOT your ordinary chilli padis.
 Most Hollywood celebs BEFORE Oscar night.
 Whaddaya mean someone shat in your helmets?
 No...I was going to get the scones you were going to get the tea ready...
 Obligatory boner pic
 I don't always smile for a picture but when I do I'm as smug as shit in a tea cup.
If I hear ANOTHER DAMN question about Episode VII

*i do not own these images they are freely available all over the web so please don't sue me I am just a big fan of Star Wars...may the fourth be with you.

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