Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DML 1/6 #73085 The New Option 飛虎雄師

Aka Micheal Wong "Stone" figure from 2002 HK movie The New Option,got it off ebay for USD$53.95 with shipping.
I don't collect a lot of 1/6 boxed figures anymore cos I'm not into a lot of the stuff that's coming out lately and its getting too damned expensive but I have a soft spot for DML (Dragon Models Ltd) boxed figures and my last one was also another DML. This actually came without the movie disc (which is fine cos i read the movie was crap) but I printed the poster out and put it on an empty disc holder...don't you just love how these DML 1/6 figures are packaged?
Lots of gear which is what i like...
Secondary weapon which is an M4 Carbine with tactical sight and laser pointer and grip.
In the movie the character Stone usually has his sleeves up so I decided to stay movie accurate and do the same...head-sculpt likeness wise can be disputed but if your another fan of DMLs you know we love how DML does the heads on these. Some quite good some bit off but always they all have a certain character to them.
I only put on his radio with ear piece and the shotgun shells are extras that I have from an old BBi weapons set,here is Stone posing with a HotToys shotgun.
And here he is posing with a sniper rifle borrowed from DML RHKP SDU Lam.
"The New Option" starring Michael Wong
Since joining the police force, Shawn (Shawn Yue) has been breaking records and impressing superiors with his hard work. But while Shawn is accepted into the Special Duty Unit (SDU), his colleague Kin is turned down. So the depressed Kin tries to prove himself by investigating a triad leader named Wong. The SDU unit is led by Michael Wong's character and is now available in 12" form! *movie description from DML website.

If you think about it way before HotToys DML were releasing figures based on movie characters...Wind Talkers,K19,Wasabi with Jean Reno and a lot of their earlier WWII figures have head-sculpts which bear resemblance to movie actors. So there you go my latest 1/6 action figure...hope you enjoyed the pics,whats next? We'll see.

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