Monday, September 9, 2013

1 night in KL

So...I sorta went to KL earlier this month for a night by myself...
KLCC was least got a Kinokuniya there...
a nice temple that i discovered near KLCC...I always find these places fascinating.
I had two awesome meals in KL...this was probably the best of the two...yes Nasi Kandar plate was only RM$15.20 with a glass of lime made me realize food-court stuff in shopping malls are very bleh.
the view from my room...apparently I'm not a fan of big cities no more...all the traffic the heat the wonder people leave during major holidays.
Last stop before flight back...went to Pavilion KL...very big very clean...classy but all stuffed with branded stuff to the nose...second best meal in KL...this Hokkaido pork ramen in soya RM$31...good but still not as great as Nasi Kandar Pelita. Anyways I did my usual toy viewing...all the same stuff...HotToys,figmas etc etc etc...nothing special anymore so I not bothered to even post any toy pics...toy scene is kinda boring at the moment i i wrong? Anyways next destination this month: Frankfurt Germany for the motor show.

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