Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frankfurt trip last month...

First time here...nice city
view from my 2nd floor hotel room
first day here was a Sunday so EVERYTHING IS CLOSED...
where is everybody?
lots of beautiful churches everywhere and every hour you can hear church bells ringing...tong tong tong tong
like i said lots of nice churches around...anyways I'm hungry lets eat.
my first meal after flying 11+ hours from Bangkok airport was a...Turkish kebab...cos everything was CLOSED ON A SUNDAY...but better then McDonald's. The chips were the best though! I DID NOT FLY 11+ HOURS TO EAT AT McDonald's.
hotel lobby 1st floor
when in Germany must eat German white sausages with honey mustard!
our conference venue Westend Palais.
Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in the whole of Germany...not as happening as Berlin which i visited last year but was still a neat place to visit.
crossing the Main river
my hotel Westin Grand
my ride back to Bangkok then back home...more from this work trip next time...

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