Sunday, December 6, 2009

00 Gundam SD

*i hope to have something close to this as end result...

..bought this for fun when i was at Miri last saturday & the price was ok,i haven't 'played' any Gundam kits in ages or as they say 'Gunpla' so i thought maybe i should do somethign really simple,small yet involved the same requirements for a serious kit project which involves airbrush and panel lines highlight at the least.

cos seriously and no offense i'm really not into the 'straight-out-of-the-box' assembled look for Gundam spent the money on this bitch so at least do some minimal paint or panel lines...

but shit...i've been so bogged down with work lately i have no energy to do ANY of my model kits..heck i haven't even really finished my last Gunpla project below-

its still sitting in the cabinet along with other 'projects' waiting on my ass to properly finish it..oh we'll see.

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