Wednesday, December 30, 2009


ever since i watched the movie on 31st may this year in Singapore and Hot Toys announced they would release this figure in august i knew i had to get this and FINALLY i gots mine during my very recent trip again to Singapore.

I'm not going to do a detailed review as its been done to death all over the internet by thousands of collectors so this is just yet another picture post to show how simply awesome this figure is especially the head sculpt by Kojun,this is of course the 2nd batch after the 1st bad paint job batch was recalled in Hong Kong?

here i show the figure in a strip down look with the harness off and the camo pants leggings untucked-imagine John Connor in a stand down mode but still with his rifle,side arm and blade ready for anything.

here are somethings i wasn't happy about:
- poor ammo mags strap on the harness as the Velcro straps doesn't work
- the simulated leather bomber jacket as brilliant as it is can't be taken off
- the Velcro on the wrist band for the tactical blade is glued on instead of sewn on & is coming off

at first i wanted to be a serious collector & strictly keep it in the box but who am i kidding,anyways very happy with this purchase esp. when i got it for Sg$190 ONLY at Utoys CSC.

lastly its been a great time doing this toy blogging thing cos i got to share my stuff,sell off some of em and get people from over 96 countries visiting my humble little amateur toy blog. THANK YOU ALL!

BIG thank you to David John as he has been my biggest 'customer' from buying most of my stuff.

final shout out to Eric of CH Toynation cos he re-lit my 1/6 collecting flame,believe it or not for years prior to 2008 i swore to stop collecting cos lets face it y'all these things are not cheap. Eric its your fault I'm collecting again :P



  1. Hi thr...I just came across ur cool blog here! Great collection u have!

    That's pretty cheap for John Connor...wld U-Toys still have stock for this?

  2. thanks Rebel,my collection is so so only la.

    yes damn cheap isnt it for such a hot item,yes Utoys got but cos of their low prices always run out fast.

    but such items easy to find in Sg,just make sure you got the $$$ for it :P

  3. Replies
    1. Tks for the offer but its a keeper for sure...have you tried eBay for this? I'm sure you can find this one there...where you from?