Monday, December 21, 2009

opps I went THERE again...

my single biggest toys haul for this trip alone,i don't celebrate Xmas but i gave myself some year-end presents after a hard working year. Work hard-play HARDER,can't take these to the grave one day so enjoy em while you can.

these were strictly for fun as I've wanted to buy some for a while,as you can see the head-sculpts & quality is not bad and bare in mind these are genuine Jakks Pacific WWE figures sold loosely out-of-the-box for about $10 each.
the 2-disc DVD set of Terminator: Salvation- this is hands down for me the BEST movie of 2009...considering i haven't watched Avatar yet which also stars Sam Worthington.
Master Replica Anakin Skywalker lightsabre,got it @ Sunshine Plaza for $35.

HT RPG-7 grenade launcher off the HT Bio Hazard 5 - Chris Redfield figure set,sold as loose part at U-Toys.
finally got a 1/6 suit for my HT true-type figure at home,now i know why suits are becoming such a hot accessory. (the katana & shades from elsewhere)
The casinos at Marina bay area & theme parks at Sentosa will be opened next year,i wonder if I'm going there again,who knows.

...and please don't tell me how great NBT's Xmas decorations are..go down Orchard Road around this time then you'll see what REAL festive lights are all about.

last night 22nd Dec i watched Avatar at Quilap cinema,quite a last minute thing but we managed to get good seats. I have said countless times Terminator: Salvation is MY best movie of 2009 but now i have to say Avatar is ON-PAR & a tie as best movie of 2009. I won't give much away but movies for me are about being transported away & escaping reality for a couple of hours-visually this movie is STUNNING & I'm hoping for more Oscars for Mr. James Cameron as well as Zoe Saldana who's performance is captured through a entirely CG character,when she wails from her father's death i felt choked i had to hold back the lump in my throat.

4 words: WATCH IT IN CINEMA!!!

I give AVATAR 5 out 5 stars.BRILLIANT-definitely on my DVD to buy list when it comes out.

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