Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hot Toys Aldo-definitely better gear & better likeness..BUT..

DML's Aldo

DML' Col Hans

As you can see DML has gone one up by producing & releasing much earlier both an Aldo & Col Hans figure for their Cyber-Hobby exclusives line. But i think DML's version has captured the perfect Aldo exaggerated 'i'mma gonna cut you' grin,the HT one is more of a hero facial expression still a pretty good likeness of Mr. Pitt.

I started this 1/6 hobby with DML's line of the time these guys pioneered the 1/6 industry & i STILL am convinced DML makes very detailed and fantastic 1/6 weapons. But sadly they don't have the popularity & in demand market as HT.

I liked the movie Inglorious Basterds with its signature Tarantino-ness style of pace,quirkiness & plot twist but KillBill vol.1 still tops my list as his best flick.

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