Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gotta post more..yes?

the life size R2D2 and Yoda statue window display at Simply Toys Plaza Singapura,my nephew posing for reference. So if Yoda was real life this is how tall/short he would be.

below are hp pics of the fantastic displays inside,most toy-shops in Sg frown upon picture taking in their shops so no choice can only use my hp to tapuk tapuk (malay for inconspicuously) snap these when they weren't looking.
i love the all white initial Boba Fett design on this miniature bust.

the Predator head & masks is 1/1 scale,it looks awesome i tell you.

so are these replica lightsabres,all 1/1 scale.

below are pics from a swords & armor shop next door,these are not miniatures all 1/1 life-size. Only in Sg such shops can do business,here? You wait long long lah.
these are the only toy-shops pics from my recent Xmas Sg trip from last year (gosh!) cos traveling with a 4 year old boy its not a great idea to go to too many toy shops. Anyways I've covered some major Sg toy-shops in my previous other posts below:

so you guys know i usually just do 1 posting per week maybe...I've been wondering if i should blog more often...perhaps not on 1/6 theme but on other stuff,my blog is called actfigs & stuff after all...but i seldom post preview pics of new toy releases..perhaps i should? i don't know...with my humble amateur hobby blog approaching 100 countries visiting & 10,000 page-views...maybe i should? i don't know...what do YOU guys think?

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