Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Action City, Plaza Singapura branch part1.

Located at the basement at the back,its the best branch for 1/6 figures but mind you their prices are a bit higher then most other smaller toy-shops in Sg selling 1/6.
The front window display,image taken using my Nokia handphone and merged. They are retailing the Tumbler for about S$900++,I'm not a fan but its still an impressive hot item now.
From Planet of the Apes,you have to be a true fan to get this one but it really looks impressive as displayed.

The two versions of the T-600 from Terminator Salvation,again you have to be a fan to get these but they really were impressive looking when displayed this way,if the prices went down to about $160++ maybe I'd consider it. My thanks to Eli for letting me take the pics,usually most toy-shops in Sg won't allow.

Stay tuned for part 2...soon? See how lah..its not a race y'all..he he..


  1. hi. i am going to Singapore for the New Year and would like to find shops that sell Hot Toys figures. I am particularly interested in HT Iron Man Mark IV as that's what I forgot to order from HK. I'd appreciate it if you can direct me to a store that has good prices. Thanks!

  2. Hi Patman...just spotted your message here...sorry for the late response as I've been busy with an event...anyways go to China Square Central,there's quite a lot of shops there under one roof that sells HT and you can get really great prices depending on the availability of stock. Check this previous post on CSC in Chinatown area right behind Chinatown Point shopping mall.

    cheers & happy hunting.