Sunday, September 13, 2009

HotToys 1/6 John Connor (Final Battle Version) Figure MMS 111 from Terminator Salvation

HK416 rifle

as regular visitors to my blog probably know i usually don't do such postings like this but... the first word that came out of my mouth when i spotted this online..and the 2nd thought was 'has anybody else seen this?' due to tight budget i had skipped on the now previous HT John Connor figure during my August Sg trip even-though one shop was selling it for just S$230.

But now? Especially as it comes with the HK416 rifle with tactical red dot sight which was previously not available from HT and a Hydro-bot also from the movie. Damn this HotToys...just when you thought they can't top it anymore they raise the bar with their amazing quality.

well the pictures speaks for themselves,i must credit this site (with a few more pics) which i spotted it on and also its already available on HT's website if you wanna see the figure descriptions.

i really like Christian Bale now (always have since Empire of the Sun) and i LOVED this movie so HT made a great move to suck me out of my hard earn money,hopefully it'll retail for less then B$250 then i would REALLY consider getting it...*hint hint Eric? he he..


oh well something different before i carry on with my Sg toy shops series of post soon.


  1. where can i buy a HT from i can't find a shop over here the uk to buy one from please help

  2. which part of UK are you at now?