Sunday, September 6, 2009

Action City, Plaza Singapura branch part2.

*main 1/6HT display top shelf.

*main 1/6HT display mid shelf,merged using photoshop.
*main 1/6HT display bottom shelf,merged using photoshop.
*special display for 1/6 HT Predator & Aliens theme.
*mixed misc 1/6 HT figures..bit blurred so my bad.

One thing i like about this shop is their 1/6 HotToys figures display,as you can see from the pics in these 2 postings its clear why BUT they don't have the best price,stock & variety for HT items surprisingly. Anyways thanks again to Eli who allowed me to take these pics inside the shop,most toy-shops in Sg won't allow it.

But this is not the end of my Sg toy-shops post during my recent work trip,I found thanks to a fellow Sg otaku blogger Kenmoo what is truly Singapore's otaku/toy collector heaven all under one stay tuned for the next posting till then remember its not a race or competition so i take my sweet time to do postings following my available time & mood.

Its a long weekend in Brunei as Monday will be a public holiday due to another Muslim holiday-hey as long as i get a freebie off day no complaints from me.

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