Friday, January 15, 2010


if i had these cylon babes they would give you all free lap dances...

at least 1 person(s) in 99 countries have visited my blog considering i don't expose my blog too much...most of my closest friends don't even know i have such a blog.

i am humbled that a person from as far away as French Polynesia has seen my blog,Merci whoever you are.

10,043 page-views as of 6pm Friday 15th Jan 2010...since using a tracker from august 09 and i started this blog for fun in early march 09 so actual numbers could be higher if we're counting.

i know my numbers are nothing compared to the ones of my fellow local toy bloggers but i am bit low profile yet 99 visiting countries and over 10k page-views means something to me and i dedicate this post to you all-THANK YOU!!!
interestingly enough my single highest visited post so far was this one with 129 visits and 252 counter views whatever that means.

but funny enough the first post that received over 60+ page-views was this one:

and its got nothing to do with any of my hobbies at all LoL.

Anyways its late and the office is getting creepy so I'm out of here.

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