Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ultra Galaxy Legend

The movie trailer.

The roadshow to promote the movie in Japan.

A very cool MV to promote the film,me likey.

Ultraman & UltraSeven in mime mode promoting the movie.*cute.
Tsuburaya has come to its sense & realized the only way to revive & generate popularity for the Ultraman series has been to re-introduce the old-school classic original Ultraman characters or in this case the original Ultra brothers as well as to focus more on the story line concerning the actual home world of the Ultras.

i have always looked forward to a movie where ALL the Ultras appear together with a storyline connecting their home world,its the same thing about finally having a look at the Predator home world in the most recent Predator/Alien movie-that was cool.

i am dying to see this new Ultraman movie Ultra Galaxy Legend but i have yet to find a link to stream/watch it online,the movie has been out since mid December 09' and yet no links found. It features the series first ever evil Ultra who's been banished & locked away until now.

so if ANYONE knows if there's an actual link to stream the actual movie (apparently the movie is based on the latest series of the same name) please PLEASE let me know. in the meantime as with the previous Kamen Rider post here are some screen-shots from the trailer as well as a very cool MV featuring Misia? And yes i am a huge fan of the old-school Ultras & Mebius is such a pussy always needing his big Ultra brother's help.

based on this trailer alone i think Ultraman Leo looks coolest with his Bruce Lee moves.

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