Friday, September 17, 2010


looks like we (as in Brunei) finally have its own first proper dedicated 'toy' shop...congrats to Mike (?) and GoFigure! located at the 3rd floor, Gadong Mall. And like i said you gotta have a proper/decent products display to WOW the people especially us buyers -_-." they started off as more of a kiosk/corner on the same floor and this week they finally moved & opened a proper shop,CONGRATS!!! They've got a long way to go if they wanna establish themselves as Brunei's version of ActionCity(Sg) or XL-Shop(KL) but their on the right good luck Mike! LOVE the EFX Stormtrooper helmet...XOXO!!!

lady/wife- "AIYAH you ah (at the hubby) terrible lah bring your son here and you buy more then him!!! Later i don't give you then you know!!!"
man/hubby- "....*sien eh always like that scold me when want buy toy..."
boy/son- "mummeee...what later you don't give daddee ohhh?"

in the immortal words of Tony Stark in IronMan2 after being introduced to Natalie Rushman a.k.a. Black Widow-


...but *sigh mahal lah Bnd$270

Anyways thanks Mike for letting me have a close look at the helmet *sweet* & also nice to see you there JoJoSchi with your friend Dave(?)

Also I've decided to label & categorize all of my postings to maximize your viewing pleasure..enjoy cos it took me an hour..LoL..its just below my blog archives.
*pics in this post taken using my humble Nokia i said i don't carry my cybershot everywhere lah...

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